Saturday, September 26, 2015

Days 9 & 10: Deliveries

On Day 9 we got a delivery of blocks.  There are 830 in total.  A separate delivery driver brought bags of mortar mix.  The blocks will be stacked from the poured footer up to the string line.  The block layers are paid per block.  Our cost per block will be a bit higher than normal as the blocks must be lifted over the rebar sticking out of the footer.  This is a bit more time consuming.

We also met with a plumber.  He was recommended by our sub-contractor (and new best friend).  The plumber will do everything from putting in the drain lines to hooking everything (toilets, sinks, etc.) up.  He also provides a one year warranty on all of his work.  W can do plumbing, but it is not his favorite thing.  We decided the price and warranty make it worth hiring out!

On day 10 two loads of sand were delivered.  It started raining right after they delivered it which is why this picture is so dark.  The sand goes into the mortar.  The leftover sand will go into the floor of the house before the foundation is poured.

I did not realize all of the small steps that go into a house foundation.  Everything is going smoothly so far.  Rain is in the forecast.  It may slow us down a bit depending on how much and when it rains.

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