Thursday, January 7, 2016

Days 89-98: The First Big Snag

After W finished framing the inside walls and building the porch, we were ready to put the trusses up.  On Day 89 we were supposed to have a borrowed crane coming it to set them up.  W took the day off work.  I cooked tons of food to feed the people we had arranged to come help us.  The crane never showed up.

We regrouped and arranged for another crane to come in on Day 98.  That morning W sent me to the building supply store to pick up a few things and order some lumber for delivery.  I am standing in the checkout line when W calls. He says to forget the lumber and just come home.  I arrived home to find no crane and no trusses up.  It turns out the trusses were built too short.  I put in a call to the man at the company we ordered them from.  After some discussion he made plans to come back out to work on a solution.

Everything had gone smoothly for the most part up until then.  We knew to expect some bumps but it was still an annoying development.  Stay tuned for the outcome!

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