Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 135 & Some Frustrating News

The weather cooperated and we were able to finish drying in the house.  No additional pictures since the back looks just like the front.  In case you really miss having pictures, here is one of the chief supervisor, Leo.

I do have a picture of one of the gable ends.  Our sub-contractor made use of all the scrap pieces of plywood to cover it.  No waste!  That is great for our budget and our trash disposal.  

The frustrating news came from our bank regarding the construction loan.  Keep in mind that we signed the loan paperwork before Christmas.  Up to this point the bank had given us $0.  The appraiser came back out and the loan officer finally called to offer us an amount of money.  Our sub-contractor and his workers flipped out.  He said he had never seen a house build to this point with such a tiny amount of money being offered.  I have to agree that W and I felt the same way.  Our sub-contractor made a call, and I talked with someone at another bank.

Check back tomorrow to see where this goes.....

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