Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Various Days - More Electrical Stuff

The electrical work was done over a span of days and is still not completely ready for inspection.  We are getting closer though.  In order to run the electrical wire into the exterior walls, we had to notch out the Styrofoam.  W tried a variety of methods including a router.

He ended up using the reciprocating saw to score the Styrofoam.  I went behind him with a chisel and pried it out.  No matter what method you choose, be prepared for a mess.

Here is a shot of the walls after the Styrofoam was removed but before I vacuumed.

W cut larger channels where the outlet boxes were so he had plenty of room to run the wires later.

Then we pulled wire from the panel box to each of the boxes.  The wire fit right into the lines we had cut out.

The other wiring is the same as in any other house.  The only difference we had was dealing with unusual exterior walls.

Although W did do all of the wiring himself, we had an electrician friend come over just to look at everything to make sure it was done correctly.

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