Thursday, April 21, 2016

Days 193 & 196: Heating and Air System - Part 1

I am super excited about this portion of the construction process.  I have never lived in a home with central heat and air.  Well there was the two years we lived in a mobile home, but it was older and drafty.  Our current home is around 120 years old.  I can handle it during the summer as the window a/c units keep it cool enough for me.  The winters are not fun though.  I am looking forward to it being a fairly constant temperature year round.

Here are a few shots of the heating and air portion of construction.  We hired a local company to come in and do this.

Air Vents

Main Duct

The ducts are suspended rather than just left to hang.  I do not have much experience with heating and cooling systems, but this is rarely done by companies in my area.  According to an Energy Star auditor, this is excellent for efficiency over time.

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  1. Until we bought this home, we never had a consistent form of heating and air, much less an affordable form. You will really appreciate the cost savings as well as the comfort you'll experience in your home year round. Our ductwork runs through our roof space (cant' call it an attic as it's not but it's the same as) which is unusual but it's been no problem at all.