Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Days 191-193: Plumbing ~ Part 2

The plumber came back to do part two of his work.  Since we had a concrete slab as the base of our house, part one consisted of him running pipes through it so the final water lines could be installed at a later date.  That later date finally arrived.

We opted to go with a Pex plumbing system.  It has several advantages over previously used piping systems.  It is very flexible and will expand up 8 inches before rupturing.  You can click here for more information.

The side and front of the shower in the second bathroom.

The laundry room - The water lines on the right are for the washing machine.  The lines on the left are for the laundry sink.  The blue line running across the top goes to the ice maker for the refrigerator.

The tub in our bathroom.  W is tall so we got a larger than normal one.  

We opted to go with a water manifold.  The blue line that goes up through the middle from the bottom is the main water line.  The blue lines are for cold water, and the red are for hot water.  Each is labeled with where the line goes.  If one area has a problem, that one line can be shut off without affecting water in the rest of the house.  

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