Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 169: Starting on the Tin Roof

We had hoped to get started putting up the tin earlier, but March winds arrived earlier than expected.  Gusting winds and 21' pieces of tin do not go well together.  Once again this is a two man operation.  It is a bit slower but much better on the budget.

The color of the tin is light stone.  It seems most people do a dark roof and light siding, but we have chosen to do the opposite.  Once they reached the porch on the front, they stopped and worked on the back.  W asked our contractor friend to come by for a short consultation.  He wanted to make sure the roof on the porch was done properly so there was no danger of leaks.

Unfortunately W had a prior engagement for the days following this one so work on the roof had to be postponed.  One of our elderly neighbors was particularly happy to see the roof going up.   I have to agree that progress even if small is good!

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