Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 189: Getting Started on the Electrical Stuff

We went shopping this day for some of the first steps of the electrical stuff.  In our area a licensed electrician is not required especially since we do not have a mortgage.  The county code does not require one at all.  If you take out a mortgage through a bank, expect them to require it though.

W has done enough wiring to know what he is doing.  Also being a former firefighter, he will not cut any corners.  Seeing homes burn makes you really think about how you would do things in your own home.

We are doing recessed LED lights throughout the house.  We picked up the first part of those, and W started mounting them.

We also picked up the plastic boxes for the light switches and electrical outlets.  The ones that will be in the interior walls simply get nailed in.

Remember that our exterior walls are Styrofoam (with rebar and concrete inside).  W just stuck the above ones in the area they will go.  My mother-in-law was a bit worried when she saw these thinking that they would actually stick out that much.

Actually the Styrofoam gets cut away so that the box sits into the wall.  When sheet rock is added it will sit flush against the wall just like in a regular house.


  1. Wow that is two big steps this week! Is there conduit in the walls (assuming they are solid) for the wiring to run through? I"m a bit puzzled by the idea of having to hollow out the insulation to put the box in. I don't know anything abou wiring period but am just curious about what my perception is and what is fact.

  2. I agree with Terry on those questions. I find all the details your are posting very interesting, though I will never be building a house or anything else. Never too old to learn at least a little about everything.