Friday, March 4, 2016

Somewhere around Day 157: Working on the Roof

I should have done a better job of keeping up exactly when this was done, but I did not.  We decided to put tin on the roof.  It is funny how when I was young all of the homes had tin.  Then people went to shingles.  Now everyone seems to be going back to tin roofs.

These lathing boards go down before the tin is put on.  We bought them from the same place we are getting the metal for the roof.  They were cheaper from there than from the building supply stores.

I guess W and my dad did well.  Our contractor friend told us that it looked real good.  He is particular so that was high praise coming from him.  Next up is the tin!


  1. I know that once the building is done there is a lot more work to do in decorating and landscaping etc. But it sure is exciting to get to se this come together!

  2. It looks great. I'm so ready to begin the construction of our cabin. But I must be patient.