Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Days 22 & 23 - Rough Plumbing

We hired a plumber who will handle all of the plumbing from start to finish.  He and his assistant were here over two days to do the first stage which is the rough plumbing.  All of our lines are run in the foundation.  They are essentially pipes within pipes.

These pictures above were taken at the end of day 22.  Remember all of that dirt that was so tightly packed.  It had to be dug up to lay the pipe.  The catch was that it had to be packed before so that the dirt underneath the pipes would not settle later and ruin the slope.

At the end of Day 23 all of the rough plumbing was done and the pipes were covered.  The plumber was great!  He ran all of the normal plumbing, a pipe for the dryer vent (the green one on the left), and lines for the gray water system.  The angled green pipe on the right is for the air conditioner.  He will be back later for phase two of the plumbing.

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