Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 28: The Foundation is Done

My job on this day was to keep Leo out of the concrete so unfortunately I do not have any step by step photos.  The workers arrived early and the concrete trucks came soon after.  It took less concrete than originally estimated (saving $200+).

It was an all day job though.  The workers smoothed the concrete, let it set, and then smoothed it some more.  When it was dry, they cut expansion joints in it.  This allows the concrete some room to expand and prevents the chance of it cracking.  The foundation is wonderfully level and looks great.  The job cost about a third of what our main sub-contractor estimated.  


  1. It does look great. The walls are going go up quickly now.....so very exciting.

  2. I am so glad you're sharing this. It excites me to see it all happening and it's not even my home, lol! I think it's just wonderful how many of the planned expenses are proving to be less. Could you please share how many square feet the finished interior of the home will be? Do you have a floor plan you can share?