Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Days 29-37

These days were spent on things that are a necessary if boring part of building a new home.  Here goes:

  1. We picked up the shower insert.  It is too large to fit through a standard door and had to be set into the house before the walls go up.  We opted to get a one piece unit.  It was only $100 more than a four piece unit.  Our shower is also solid surface.  We knew we wanted a durable, one piece shower.  This was one area where we were happy to spend the extra money.
  2. We ordered and paid for our insulated concrete forms (ICFs).  We ended up going with the Fox Blocks brand.  All of the forms are basically the same.  We discovered by accident that a Fox Blocks distributor was located within 2 hours of our location.  They were also able to recommend a concrete pump operator who was experienced with ICFs (a huge plus).
  3. We called to get an estimate on a septic tank.  We live out in the country so our water comes from our own private well and a septic tank is a necessity.  We arranged for someone to come give us an estimate.
  4. We ordered a delivery of lumber and arranged to have the extra building materials picked up.  To just schedule a pick up would have cost $65.  Delivery for the needed lumber was free, and the company would pick up for free if a delivery was being made.
  5. We did some planning and practiced patience.  We started looking at other supplies we would need.  We also just took some time to catch our breath.  That was a good thing because day 38 was hectic!

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  1. Things are moving right along. Can't wait to see the walls go up!