Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 38 - Deliveries

I do not have any pictures to share of Day 38.  It was busy but not necessarily exciting picture-wise.  We had scheduled a meeting with a man about the septic tank and were expecting a delivery of lumber (with pickup of other materials) as well as the delivery of the insulated concrete forms.  As it turned out everyone showed up at nearly the same time.

The septic tank man did arrive first.  He looked at the area and asked for our permit which I had tucked away in my home building binder.  He started to do some figuring and commented, "This is the cheapest one I have quoted in a long time."  That was music to my ears.  It turned out to be one-third of the cost W had estimated and less than half of what our contractor friend estimated.  He will also dig the hole for our gray water tank for no additional charge.

While he was still there, the trucks with the insulated concrete forms and supplies arrived.  I did not take pictures since there was very little to see.  Our contact person also came to oversee the delivery and answer any questions.  It was nice to actually meet him since all of our conversations had been over the phone or by email.  The delivery also attracted a few neighbors who were anxious to see our funny building blocks.

When they left, the delivery driver arrived with the lumber.  He unloaded everything and picked up the excess building supplies from the foundation.  That gave us some extra room in the yard and extra money in the budget.

It was a whirlwind there for a few hours.  Once again the yard was quiet.  Next up is the start of installing the insulated concrete forms.

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