Thursday, July 30, 2015

Where to Build a New Home

At the same time we were designing our home, we were thinking of where to build it.  We already owned a piece of land beside our current rental home.  My parents gave us the opportunity to purchase the rental home and property.  This would give us the required one acre of land necessary to build a home.  Due to zoning a minimum of one acre is required.  We are allowed to keep the current house while the new one is being built.  We just have to remove the old house when we move into the new one.

Something new to us is a Quitclaim Deed.  This allows property to be transferred between individuals.  It can be done for much less than going through a lawyer.  The downside is that there is no warranty so it should be done between family members that you trust completely.  You can get more information by going to the courthouse in your area and talking to someone in the clerk's office. We were able to get a sample with the necessary paperwork to attach.  I just had to type it up with the information on the property and give it to my parents to be signed and notarized.  We returned the paperwork to the courthouse and paid a $12 fee.

We like the area we live in now.  We already have an established yard (for the most part) with my raised beds and our chicken/rabbit/duck areas.  We are fortunate since land in our area is very expensive.  We did make a trade off in that we will have a bigger front yard than back yard.  Most of the back yard living space is taken up with our animals and garden.  These are things that we love so we do not mind looking at them as we sit on the (eventual) back deck.

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