Thursday, September 8, 2016

Built-Ins, Ceiling Fans, and Pendant Light Decision

First the pendant lights over the sink...We opted to go with the shorter setting.  The main reason is that W is so tall.  The light was in his line of vision when he stood at the sink.  He often washes dishes for me, and it made better since to have it up a bit higher.

W has been working on the built-ins which will provide some storage and also showcase his 80 gallon aquarium.  The aquarium was part of a two set used purchase.  The large rectangle aquarium leaked when we bought it.  W got online and watched a few YouTube videos on how to rebuild one.  He tore it completely apart and put it back together.  I am happy to say there are no leaks and it looks amazing!

The upper sides will have shelves.  The bottom left will be a bed for Leo with fake doors on the front.  He will be able to enter from the angled side.  The middle and right sides will be storage.  The shelving brackets were not a hit with everyone.  It is our house though and we love them.  They are a bit decorative but still small and simple.

We run ceiling fans in our current home almost constantly and knew we wanted some in the new house.  I wanted one in the laundry room since I plan to dry clothing on racks in there.  We went with a simple white fan as it complemented the yellow.

For our large living room/kitchen area we needed something bigger.  W saw this at a local store and fell in love with it.  I priced around, and they had the best deal by a large amount.

The fan was expensive but worth it.  The three fans are adjustable and rotate depending on the angle.  It really helps to circulate air in the large space.

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