Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pet Door

Our yard is fenced in so Leo and the cats have free range to come and go as they please from the house to the outdoors.  For the cats alone I could have purchased a small door, but Leo is a big boy.  I also wanted something that could be locked if I needed to keep him inside or outside for some reason.  My final must have was a door that would close securely after the pets entered/exited so we were not losing heat or cold out of it.

I found numerous options but most were $75-$100 and up.  The pet door was a necessity.  The budget minded me was not happy to spend so much money though.  I continued to shop online and read reviews.  Some that offered a secure closure would have been difficult for the cats push through.  Others that were easy enough for the cats would not have provided a secure closure.

I ended up choosing one made by BarksBar.  It was very affordable - priced at $36.99 at the time I purchased it.  The vinyl flap closes securely but is easy enough for the cats to push open.  The self-locking slide panel is easy to operate.  The door has a nice look to it as well.

Time will tell how well it holds up.  For the time being I could not be happier with the price and the door.

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