Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Aquarium

Expect to see another post or two on the aquarium.  It is a work in progress.  In the last post about it, I mentioned that W had to tear it apart and put it back together.  The next step was to add in gravel (a bunch of it) and some plants.  Having live plants in the aquarium means almost no maintenance especially when it comes to cleaning. W took plants out of our current small aquarium and put them in the new one.  Adding fish directly to a new aquarium with new gravel and water is not advisable.  Fish do better in aquariums with established bacteria.  We will let the new aquarium sit for a few weeks and gradually add water from the old aquarium into the new one before adding fish.

This is a view from the foyer side.  W will put molding around the aquarium to trim it out similar to a picture frame.  It sits in the wall and is a nice wow piece when you first enter.

The cabinet on the other side is still a work in progress.  W will put two doors above the aquarium on this side to hide all of the electrical stuff and air lines.


  1. That is awesome. We had aquariums many years ago and Greg would like to start one up again, but with the cat and the grandkids here, it's not happening. We had an albino Oscar once that would jump out of the water and grab food from me if I dangled it above the aquarium. Thrilled my little niece to pieces and she'd come over all the time and ask me to feed the fish.