Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Pantry and Another Cabinet

W's parents brought over the last bottom cabinet for the kitchen.  W and his dad put in my two ovens.  Some people have hinted that two ovens are a waste, but I love to bake.  Seeing both of those ovens installed makes me smile and wish the house were done so I could actually use them.  Once finished our house will also be the main gathering space for family parties so I know both will get plenty of use.

We are getting to the point where some rooms can be completely finished.  It seems there are so many little things to do.  We have finished laying all of the floor tile and just need to grout it.  I did ask W to put up shelves in the pantry so I can start moving over a few things and organizing that area.

This is the exterior wall.  Due to the fact that the ICF walls only have small studs, we decided to set up this side for putting lighter items.

This wall will be for heavier items.  I will also store cookbooks in here.  I want my kitchen counters to be uncluttered.  A large pantry right beside the kitchen was my solution to having easy access to things without them being in the way.

The shelves on these two walls are made from 1x12 spruce boards.  The attic ladder folds out on this side of the pantry and deeper shelves would not have been possible.  We still need to do the shelves for the third wall.  Those will be deeper shelves.  I want to store home canned items and maybe appliances not used daily on that wall.  I feel certain I will be moving things around for a few weeks until I find a system that works for me.

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