Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 239: Mud

In the end I opted to skip the trip to Mars and work on the new house instead.  I have never finished dry wall before, but I knew the basic steps.  I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube.  I highly recommend the ones by Kody Harvey.  His instructions were clear, and I liked his method of instruction.  He has videos on installing drywall from the start.  I even found a bunch of videos on ICF (insulated concrete form) homes like the one we are building.  I plan to refer to his tile videos when we get to that point.

I felt comfortable enough to start working.  I opted to start in the laundry room.  I wanted a good practice room that was not necessarily a main area of the house.  I started in the corner where the heating unit will be since that will be in a closet and less visible.

I am pretty sure my actual methods would horrify anyone who finishes drywall.  I do expect to get better as I progress through the house.  I am planning to do the closet and pantry next.  I did not tackle any corners on my first day.  I stuck to the screw holes and taping over the joints.  The pictures above are after just one coat.  I know it will be a slow process, but the labor is free.

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  1. You are too funny! lol. I was looking forward to the Mars photos, but the dry wall mudding ones suit me just as well. I at least know what I'm looking at.