Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Building a new house means endless decision making.  We drew up our own house plans so we have been making decisions from the very beginning.  The decisions we make are not always popular with everyone else.  I am quick to politely remind people they can do things differently when they build a house.

One of the things we have spent the most time on is choosing flooring.  We knew we only wanted tile.  We live in the country with a garden, pets, and farm animals so we will never be lacking for dirt and other "stuff".  We also both have allergies and did not want any carpet. Our best advice (yes, some opinions are helpful) was to take our time and find something we really loved.  While we have not looked everywhere, we certainly looked at a bunch of tile.  In the end we came back to the first one we picked out.  We loved this one from the moment we saw it and nothing has even come close.

This tile is by Marazzi and is called Montagna Smoky Black.  It is quite dark but has tones of brown, gray, and cream.  It will hide dirt very well but also offers us some options as far as furniture and paint colors.  I believe I can happily look at this for the rest of my life.

We are also at the point where decisions about cabinets must be made.  W's dad is building them for us.  We did look at cabinets and find a style we liked.  Originally I did not want any type of knob or pull.  In our current house I am at the perfect height for the pocket of my jeans to catch on the cabinet knob.  W loved the shaker style cabinet, and I have to admit that I liked them too.  Unfortunately this meant that we would be better off with a knob/pull.  We looked at a local building store for a pull, but of course the ones we liked were quite expensive.  I made a note of the brand and came home to compare prices.

This barrel pull by Amerock was our choice and was much cheaper from Home Depot than anywhere else.  We needed enough to qualify for free shipping which was a plus.

Those are just two big decisions we made during W's forced time off from housework.  I am aiming for good enough not perfect.  As long as we are happy, I am not worried about what anyone else thinks.


  1. I like your choices! When we built our country house, we wanted linoleum that looked like wood throughout the houses. Our parents all said we HAD to have to carpet in bedrooms and so we did. But we shouldn't of. That carpet just got stained and dirty and ugh!
    You do what you think is best.

  2. I love both the tile and the door pulls, Dawn. With the tile you still get the look of wood without all the work and worry about scratching it, and the pulls look like they should not catch on clothing either. I like the style too.