Thursday, May 12, 2016

Days 225 - 233: Putting Up Dry Wall

These pictures are from part of one day when we were putting up dry wall.  We wanted to get the laundry room done so we could call back the heating/air people.

Dry wall installation is pretty basic, but I wanted to focus on a couple of odd areas.  The first one is our pocket doors.

W bought shorter drywall screws since the pocket door frame is not as big as a stud.  I also love the little attachment he bought for the drill.  It keeps the screw from going too deep.  This is good as I am not the best at using a drill and was nervous about messing up.

Second issue is that some of our water lines run through the wall.  Running a screw into one while putting up the dry wall would be a very bad thing.  Our plumber had a remedy for that.  He installed metal plates over the studs where a water line went through.  These are on both sides so drilling into that area is impossible.

The rest is just a matter of cutting out for any light switches or outlets.  I helped W a few days and he did more on his own.

Next up will be taping and mudding.


  1. Oh my gosh! This is exciting. Once the drywall goes up, you are on the home stretch. I hate the taping, mudding and sanding. Are you going to contract that job out?

  2. Every week when I check in you've got a new post up. It's really starting to come along isn't it? I know there's still plenty to do but you are quickly getting to the main finishes part of work now.