Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I am Flying to Mars Next Week

Did I get your attention with the title?  Are you wondering what a trip to Mars has to do with building a new house?  I truly think that people would be more accepting of me taking a trip to Mars than they are when I say I am going to be taping and mudding the dry wall in our new house.

I typically get responses like "oh" or lectures on how hard it is and how everything has to be perfect.  I dislike the word perfect.  Have any of you seen anything that is perfect - not really good but perfect?  NO!!!  Nothing is perfect, and yes, building your own home is hard.  It would have been easier to take out a huge mortgage and sit back and do nothing.  The way I look at the whole situation is that this is my house so I am going to take care to do is as good as I can.  I do not mean that professionals would not do a great job, but even they will not do it perfect.  We do not have to satisfy a bank or appraiser as all of the money invested in this project is ours.  I plan to do a good job and start in the heating unit closet as my learning area.  It will not be included on the official tour so if it is not really good, the world will not end nor will zombies roam the streets.

From now on my standard response when asked who is doing our drywall is that we have "some people".  That is true as W and I are some people.  If they press for more details, I will just have to distract them with pictures from my trip to Mars.

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  1. Some people - I hope I remember that line next time we are DIYing something than others don't.
    I'm sure you and W will do a great job.
    Anyway, when was the last time you were in a business or home and thought the drywall finishing was just not right? Never.......