Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 247: The Tile is Here

Once we had definitely decided on the tile for the house, I started watching for it to go on sale.  When we first saw the tile and added it to our list of possibilities, I began tracking the price.  I wanted to know what the best sale price was so I could maximize savings.

Last week I saw the best price of $1.99/square foot.  We figured how much tile we would need and added in an additional percentage to cover broken tiles and any mistakes we would make.  Home Depot's website also offered a suggestion for the thin-set mortar and grout colors.  The thin-set and grout shipped free, and the shipping cost on the tile was reasonable.  The nearest Home Depot is a two hour drive one way from our home.  Having it shipped was more cost effective than driving to get it.

Everything was shipped freight, and we needed a forklift or a pile of people to unload it.  One of our neighbors has a forklift at his business across the road from our house.  He agreed to unload it for us. (We bought lunch for him and his two workers one day as a thank you.)  The thin-set and grout were delivered on one pallet, and the tile was on five pallets.  Our neighbor then loaded each pallet onto W's truck so we could unload it at our house.

We piled it in one room of the house to wait until we are ready to install it.  We had two boxes that were damaged in shipping, but overall it arrived in very good condition.  I can hardly wait to see it on the floor!

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