Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Paint Colors

I have discovered that paint colors translate better in person than they do in pictures.  Nevertheless I have taken pictures of each of the rooms.  To give you a more accurate idea of the colors though, I am including links to the paint colors.

The closet and pantry are both painted Sand Dollar.  When we first started painting, W hated it and thought it looked like the color of a hospital bandage.  It dried to a lovely tan.

The hallway ceiling is Mindful Gray, and the walls are Dovetail.  We knew we wanted the main areas to be gray to play off the tile.  I love, love, love these colors.

The front bathroom is Grassland.  It has just a touch of green in it, but we found it showed more beige tones.

The craft room is Alpaca.  I wanted something neutral that would not compete with everything else that will be in the room.

Our bedroom is Mountain Stream and turned out a touch lighter than we expected.  That is not necessarily a bad thing.

The laundry room is Butter Up.  It is bright and cheery and usually a favorite among our visitors.  It is a creamy yellow rather than sunshine.

The back bathroom is a bit more shocking as it is Mythical.  W and I both agreed that we wanted it done in a purple tone.  I originally wanted something with a bit more grey, but we settled on that color.  The entire room is not painted that color since a large section will be the shower.  The same tile will also go around the tub.

The living room and kitchen areas are not painted yet.  We have a gray picked out but will need to see if it is too dark.  I will hold off on sharing that with you.

I have to admit that we have caused quite a scandal by painting our ceilings a color other than white. I thought it was normal to have color on the ceilings.  We went with lighter shades of the wall or an accent type color.  That seems to really surprise people though.

A final word on paint....Please do not skimp.  Cheap paints are cheap for a reason.  We spent a good bit of money on paint since we bought everything from Sherwin Williams.  It was definitely worth it though.  The primer was fantastic and completely sealed the drywall so that we only needed one coat of the paint color.  Sherwin Williams does have good sales.  The staff at our local store was great about letting us know the sale dates to help us save some money.  All of our paint colors are kept on file for 10 years.  They have a computer record as well as a paper record.

We purchased all of the paint ourselves.  This post was not sponsored by Sherwin Williams.  I am just a happy customer!


  1. I like all your colors, and you so right about quality paint.
    It is fine to paint ceilings but I think it is kind of a new trend.

    Your home is going to be beautiful ­čĆí

  2. Your home is looking great! I'm with you on paint, I love Sherwin Williams! So very worth every penny.