Thursday, August 18, 2016


We knew we wanted tile throughout the entire house as we live in the country with pets.  That means we have dog and cat paws in and out plus our own mess of tracking in from the garden and yard.  W and I also both suffer from allergies so carpet was never on our radar.  We purchased the tile months ago during a sale.

W's dad came over one evening to give us a lesson in laying tile.  He helped us do one row so we had an idea of what to do and then left us to our own devices.

We started in the hallway since we had a clear center line.  The people that did our concrete slab measured out an expansion joint and that is what we started with.  W used a board and square to help keep our lines straight.

We purchased a tile saw rather than renting one since we would be doing a bunch of tile.

It ended up being easier for W to measure and lay the tile.  That left me to do the cutting and also be the general gopher.

Open areas went quickly.  I can easily see how having many angles and odd corners would add to the cost of having tile professionally laid.  We were told that for our area it would have cost $4000 to $6000 to have our house tiled.  Doing it ourselves is a huge savings!

An elderly neighbor advised us to make sure we loved whatever we chose since we would be looking at it for a long time.  I can definitely say I love this tile.  The colors are beautiful, and it is perfect for our lifestyle.

We were both a bit sad to have to cover up the leaf print that showed up in the slab.  I made sure to get a good picture to remember it.


  1. Paint and tile are beautiful! I love that Butter Up in the laundry area. I love a soft yellow like that always. I once had a yellow front door at a former home. It was just lovely.

  2. I like that tile, too. It is so different from the usual 12" squares and I often like 'different'. Love the perfect imprint of the leaf and can see why you would like to leave it uncovered.