Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tongue and Groove Ceiling

We decided to do a tongue and groove ceiling in the living room and kitchen.  The ceiling is vaulted and would have been hard for us to finish properly if we had used dry wall.  Plus we really wanted something different and a bit more special.

We purchased 1x6 spruce boards from a local building supply company.  Because we ordered in bulk, we were able to get a discount of $1 off each board.  W picked out a set of tongue and groove router bits and used a router to cut each board.   He did 150 boards.

Once all of the boards were cut, it was time to stain each one.  We used Sherwin Williams stain in Beechwood.  We gave it a light coating so that the grain of the wood shows through.

W and my dad got to work putting up the boards.  It took a couple of days to get the ceiling completely done.

The ceiling looks great to use and is certainly different.  We never wanted a house that looks completely new.  After living in a 120 year old home, Something new and normal would not have been right for us.


  1. Beautiful! I think you will both enjoy living here

  2. I like it! I kept imagining dark wood ceilings but this is light and pretty.