Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Through the End of June

At this point the weeks are all running together,  I am working on some catch up posts this week.  Dry wall seems to have taken forever.  I know it would have been faster to hire it out, but money spent on that would have meant less for something else.  Even though it was hard, we pressed on.

During that time we had a few other events.  The gray water tank was delivered.  We opted to go with a 550 gallon tank.  We had to order it since no stores near us carried anything like this.  Gray water tanks are not common here at all.  We plan to use it to water the grass and future fruit trees in our front yard.

Since we passed our electrical inspection, we were able to have power hooked up to the new house.  Up until this point we had been running extension cords from the old house to power any tools needed.  An employee from the power company came out to see exactly what needed to be done and gave us a short list of items we needed to supply.  We paid the necessary fees and a crew came out about a week later.

Our power is being run underground from the pole to the house.  That meant that our oak tree was safe from being trimmed any more.  You can see chief supervisor Leo at the bottom overseeing the work.

We also opted to have a yard light installed.  The yard light at the old house was cut off.  We do pay extra each month for this.  With the new installation we were given an LED light which is super bright.  It really lights up the entire front yard.

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  1. Oh Dawn, that LED light is very bright. When lightning came in on ours this past Spring they replaced it with an LED fixture. It lit up our bedroom at night so much I had to seal the edges of the window curtains to the wall, lol. John loves it. He says we don't need nightlights any longer with that light, lol.
    Love Leo supervising. I had already spotted his sweet head in that photo.